10 Awesome Costumes From Marvel’s Hellfire Gala

In Marvel Comics, the Hellfire Gala has become an event that allows famous Marvel characters to show off high fashion. It’s also a major crossover event allowing characters from different Marvel stories to interact. In fact, the Hellfire Gala must definitely be an event, as even actor Jon Hamm himself makes an appearance.

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Many characters appear in outfits based in part on their signature costumes. There are usually a few character story jokes hidden in the details and props. Despite this, many costumes are designed with all sorts of historical and cultural elements.

10/10 Captain America wears an American pinstripe suit

The first Captain America, Steve Rogers, wears a classic pinstripe suit to the Hellfire Gala. The outfit has a historical feel to it, which makes sense, as Steve Rogers is a character known for his chronological age being slightly older than his biological age. Rogers’ slicked back hair and black tie also make him look formal.

Rogers’ outfit also contains a red and blue pattern, reflecting him as Captain America. Shades of faded colors decorate the suit. In some scenes, Rogers also wears a red and blue jacket which features brighter versions of the colors.

9/10 Emma Frost dons a diamond-themed dress

Emma Frost is famous for her white costume, her title of white queen and her ability to transform into diamonds. Frost appears in a dress that reflects these themes. The dress is covered in diamond-shaped cutouts, prominent on her neckline, stomach, and even on her hips.

Emma’s dress doesn’t need gloves, as the fabric covers her arms. The dress also ends with a slit that shows Frost’s boots. Befitting a “queen”, a gold trim is also added to the dress. The back of the dress also looks like peacock feathers. Emma pairs the look with ghostly white and platinum blonde hair

8/10 Doctor Doom promotes a royal look

Doctor Doom dons a royal or imperial look with his waist-length Hellfire Gala outfit. Doom’s most prominent feature is a large hooded cape that appears to be made of fur. While Doom’s outfit primarily favors a green motif, there’s a lot of gold trim and accessories. Doom even wears golden boots.

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Certain features of Doctor Doom’s jacket, such as the belt and collar, also suggest an East Asian influence. Doom even wears a special mask that’s sleeker than his usual style, giving his look the finishing touch.

7/10 Sam Wilson even made his shield shine

Sam Wilson, formerly known as Falcon, has taken on the mantle of Captain America and is now showing off his Hellfire Gala outfit. Wilson appears to be wearing a high-collared white shirt, covered with a black and red leather jacket.

Some of Wilson’s accessories include a simple pair of black gloves and translucent red sunglasses, adding a touch of 1970s chic to her formal attire. In some artwork, Wilson’s look isn’t complete without his shield, which is also useful as a standout accessory.

6/10 Mary Jane Watson is pretty in pink

Always stylish, Mary Jane Watson wears a pink and white dress with a light dragon motif. Most of Watson’s long dress is white, with a pink flame-like detail at its neckline. The dress also contains a slit on the zipper which can be seen from certain angles.

Watson also wears a pair of white armbands to match her dress and an open-neck serpentine necklace. Arguably Mary Jane’s most prominent feature, however, is a pair of pink pumps. Interestingly, when first seen, the pink parts of MJ’s dress are as red as her hair. Unfortunately, while MJ attends the Hellfire gala under Moira MacTaggert’s watch, the event isn’t exactly enjoyable.

5/10 Gwenpool is apparently a Sailor Moon fan

In a brief appearance, Gwenpool dons a costume that might look more than a little familiar to anime fans, channeling Sailor Moon herself into her outfit. Gwenpool’s top has a sailor fuku-inspired collar and bow, though it’s cut off at the midriff. Gwenpool also dons long white gloves and boots.

Sailor Moon’s most iconic feature, her odango buns, are even included in the set. One stark difference is that Gwenpool preferred pink over the classic Sailor Moon colors, almost reminiscent of Sailor Chibi Moon.

4/10 Jean Gray looks ethereal in her Fantasy-Esque Dress

Jean Gray keeps her signature green color in her wardrobe, which adds a nice contrast to her fiery red hair. In fact, this ensemble even crowns Grey’s reddish locks with an emerald green tiara.

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A long, sheer skirt hangs from Gray’s golden belt, giving her an ethereal appearance. The skirt also has a long slit in the middle that shows off Grey’s green and gold skirt and gold boots. The design is filled with minor, almost hidden details, like Grey’s golden shoulder pads.

3/10 She-Hulk proves it’s easy to be green in purple parachute pants

She-Hulk has often dressed in purple, and her Hellfire Gala ensemble is no exception. After all, purple adds a nice compliment to all green. In her alter ego, Jennifer Walters adopts a style of the 1980s, highlighted by parachute pants.

Walters also uses accessories, wearing purple sunglasses and a chain belt with his initials hanging on it. While most characters prefer boots, some of which bleed into their outfits, Walters dons a pair of white pumps.

2/10 Synch goes for the iridescent look

At the Hellfire Gala, many characters take on a signature color and make it work. Synch took the opposite route and hugged them all. The main body of Synch’s costume is mostly dark red with black shading. However, it’s filled with iridescent touches, from the trim to Synch’s shoes.

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Interestingly, the inside of the outfit appears to be rainbow colored, as seen in its collar. All the color refers to Synch’s powerful aura from the comics, which often appears multicolored, now fitting his outfit.

1/10 Scarlet Witch shines like a star with a celestial pattern

Wanda Maximoff’s alter-ego is Scarlet Witch, so red is a requirement for her outfit. Maximoff’s ensemble isn’t too far off from her classic Scarlet Witch costume. Maximoff even wears a similar, albeit more elaborate, horned headdress.

The most prominent feature of Maximoff’s outfit is a long cape, which resembles a misty purple sky full of stars. The cape also practically blends into Maximoff’s black hair. The look gives Maximoff an element of magic. The star pattern also appears, almost hidden, elsewhere in her outfit, including her heels.

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